Primo Tabs Alpha Pharma


BRAND: Alpha Pharma

SUBSTANCE: Methenolone acetate (Primobolan)

PACK: 25mg (50 pills)

Methenolone acetate is AAS, which promotes the collection of quality muscle mass during the course. At the moment, this AAS is released only in the form of tablets. This preparation is ideal for drying.

Positive results reception Methenolone


  • The growth of muscle fibers.
  • Improved power characteristics. Anabolic effect when taking Primobolan, virtually the same as when using decanoate.
  • Burning fat.
  • Improving prorisovannosti relief and muscle.

The steroid is most relevant in the drying period. It helps to keep the early gain mass muscle and reduce the rollback phenomenon to a minimum.

Side effects

Perhaps the main advantage of Primo Tubs from Alpha Pharma is its inability to convert into estrogens. Thus, a steroid can be taken without the risk of getting gynecomastia or edema. The main side effects of Primo Tabs are related to the suppression of the production of their own testosterone. Studies show that taking a steroid with a daily dosage of 40 milligrams halves the level of secretion of the main male hormone. The level of testosterone is increased by the use of gonadotropin, boosters or natural stimulants similar to Tribulus. At high dosages, insomnia, increased excitability, aggression and increased levels of hepatic enzymes may develop.