Gona-Max Maxtreme



BRAND: Maxtreme


PACK: 15000IU (3 vials of 5000IU each)

The use of chorionic gonadotropin in bodybuilding

Athletes who use testosterone and its analogs should definitely use human gonadotropin to prevent testicular atrophy. This is the main function of this drug. Not too experienced bodybuilders use chorionic gonadotropin for a set of muscle mass in combination with other drugs. Its property of increasing the production of testosterone is the reason for introducing hCG into the course. It is also used for “drying” to preserve muscle mass in conditions of reduced caloric intake.

It is proved that the use of chorionic gonadotropin in bodybuilding for anabolic purposes is not justified. In addition, its use can cause health problems. The level of stimulation of testosterone production by this drug is significantly lower than when using synthetic forms of testosterone, and the side effects are significantly higher.

Side Effects

When taking HCG, you may experience the same side effects as when taking testosterone. The use of gonadotropin in large doses or for a long time leads to suppression of the secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, in connection with which the function of the physiological axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicle is disrupted. Large doses (2000-5000 IU) are not recommended for longer than 20 days, although according to Michael Scally, M.D. And the provided series of studies, desensitization of the testicles does not occur if the dosage does not exceed 500 IU or hCG is administered less frequently 3 times a week. This protocol can be considered safe even for 1-2 months.